CRIB GOCH begin E.P. at Talent Pool


Local metal band Crib Goch have begun work on their debut EP titled “Standing in the Shadow of Giants”, working with our engineer Kieran Lee. The band describe their music as “melodic, epic metal” and are recording four tracks with us here at Talent Pool.

So far, Crib Goch have succesfully recorded the drum tracks and most of the bass tracks for the EP, performing live by using our different studios in the building. The current live guitar tracks are for guide purposes only and the guitars will be retracked using various amps and speaker cabinets for clean and distorted sounds, and a 12-string acoustic guitar track.

The band will be  releasing the EP through our label, Talent Pool Productions, and you can keep up to date with all news and gigs through www.facebook.com/cribgochmetal.

Stay posted to the Talent Pool blog
for the release of “Standing in the Shadow of Giants”.



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