I bought my guitar from Booth’s Music!

Booth’s Music has recently received two separate emails regarding guitars that have been purchased at the store in years gone by. Staff have been able to find documentation on record that relates to the sale of at least one of the instruments, and it has sparked an interest to see if anybody else out there has guitars that were bought from Booth’s a significant while ago.

If you, or perhaps a friend or relative, are the proud owner of  a much loved guitar that features any of the old logos or branding, please send an email to with any details and it may be featured on the Booth’s Music web site. It would be of extra interest to source any instruments that have found their way overseas.

EXHIBIT A: Was sent in by Ken Hudson of West Yorkshire. It is a 1963 Levin Goliath, that the owner had sought after for many years dude to its’ individual warm and rich tone. This particular model was picked up in Saltash, near Plymouth – quite a way away from both the shop and Ken’s location.  On records kept by the shop owners, the guitar can be traced back to a sale in April 1963 costing just 38-6-6 (pounds-shillings-pence), with an initial 4-6-6 and twenty-four subsequent  payments of 1-14-0. 

EXHIBIT B: This is an even older Cromwell archtop guitar which was purchased at the shop during the 1930′s. It has since found it’s way up to a gentlemen called Dave Ritchie in Aberdeen and it is still in outstanding condition considering it is around eighty years old!

Please check out for more information – and if you have any more interesting stories like this then we would be more than happy to feature them in the Talent Pool blog.

Article by Colin Liptrot.

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