Interview With Local Band The Lottery Winners

From Left: Katie, Thom, Rob, Alex

The first question I guess that’s on everyone’s mind is how did you all meet and how did The Lottery Winners come about?

It’s a relatively boring story, to be honest, so I’ll briefly take you through the most interesting points:

Thomas gets expelled from his school, and moves to another school.

Robert is elected to show Thomas around the new school.

A friendship is born.

Thomas, upon meeting Robert, lies about having seen the naughties glam rock mess, the Darkness live, for some reason.

Robert believes him, why wouldn’t he? Thomas has to maintain the lie for years and years until it is finally exposed on a windy and rainy day. Oh, the tears.

I’m sure that Alex and Katie met in exactly the same way.

What inspired the name The Lottery Winners & which bands have influenced your musical style and image?

Image!? I don’t think we have an image, do we? The Lottery Winners which, upon reflection is a bloody awful name, was born from the emptiness of our pockets. In the early days we couldn’t even afford the equipment we needed to play live, so we thought it might be all nice and ironic.

As for our inspirations, they are vast and plentiful. Everything from the blithe of the Beach Boys to the suffering of the Smiths.

A lot of your songs have been hugely popular such as Paper Plate Faces and Lovers Lane, do you regularly find the time to work on new songs and rehearse, and are you all involved in writing the lyrics?

Yes. We’re currently in the process of completely reinventing ourselves. We’re churning out songs faster than a… faster than a, fast thing. But they’re good too! We’ve got this new rule, too. If we finish two new songs, we HAVE to record them. It’s costly, but it’s lovely.

Winning Live and Unsigned out of 15000 bands must have been a great moment for everyone involved, what effect did it have on the band and what opportunities arose as a result?

It was certainly a pleasant feeling, and I think it reassured and justified the confidence we’d be feeling, and there’s no denying we were all completely elated at the time. Having said that, as soon as it happened, we knew we had to leave it behind and concentrate on being our own band, rather than being ‘the band that won that competition’. So we don’t tend to talk about it much!

You recently played at the Talent Pool Launch Party in September, what has been the one gig to remember in terms of its atmosphere?

Playing in Rome was pretty outstanding for me. The place was filled with literally thousands of Italians, all of them jumping, dancing and screaming. We were worried that the music wouldn’t translate, but it certainly seemed to. Besides, Rome is a beautiful city, isn’t it?

Gigging in Rome

The North West in general is well-known for its music scene, for you guys what are the best musical venues and/or bars in Greater Manchester?

I really dig the the Deaf Institute, but we haven’t played there yet. The Academies are always nice, when they’re full. I think everyone resides in the Northern Quarter these days, don’t they? With their hand-rolled cigarettes and their moustaches and their blogs?

I’m not quite cool enough to know these things.

Are there any exciting new tracks for our readers to look out for in the near future? What does the future hold for the Lottery Winners?

All of our tracks are exciting!

But yes, we’ve just completed a new six track record. We’re just not sure what to do with it yet. We’re in the process of negotiating a little deal, with a little someone, so I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see!

Thom & Rob

What advice would you give to a newly-formed band with no previous experience in the business?

Well, take a look at the other people in the band around you. It’s important to know that this is your new family. You will start the hate the faces of each and every single one of them, but you’ll also love them in a way you can barely describe.

Plus, though it is fun, it’s bloody hard work. There’s a lot of waiting around in vans and hotels and carrying heavy things.

Katie & Alex

Where can our readers find you online and on social media? Which social networks do you think are most useful for up-and-coming bands?

Everywhere, really. FacebookTwitterMyspaceYouTube, Tumblr, ReverbNation and Bandcamp. There seems to be something new every new moment these days, I just think it’s important to keep ten steps ahead of everybody else, and that isn’t easy!

Lastly, can you all individually state your favourite bands and why?

No, that is an impossibly unfair question. That varies every single day!

Fair enough! Thanks so much guys we wish you all the best for the future! 

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