Featuring Finalist James Carson

Song Writer Finalist Number 4 – James Carson!

Today’s finalist is acoustic singer song writer James Carson! When we asked James who has influenced his music, he said that he draws “inspiration from various artists, popular and not so, but I couldn’t say I modeled myself on any one in particular. A handful of references tend to loom in the back of my mind when writing songs but the most recurring ones would be: Neil Young; Roy Harper; Jeff Buckley; Nirvana; John Martyn; The Kinks; Fairport Convension; Johnny Cash; Link Wray; Velvet Underground; Teenage Fanclub; CCR; Big Star.”

“I’ve been involved in Music on and off in different bands and duo projects since I was a teen, but it’s only in the last 5-6 years that I’ve started to believe in the quality of my own writing and since then I have taken the writing, recording and gigging process more seriously”.

When asked about his own musical style, James stated: “Principally, I am a guitarist (folk, blues & rock style) and vocalist, but I can plonk out tunes on the keys and can put a good drum beat together when necessary. These instruments, along with other bits like harmonica and dobro, I picked up when recording music alone in a budget studio set up”.

“I like a broard spectrum of music,including Classic Rock n’ Roll; Blues; Alt-country; Folk; Grunge; Americana, and in his words “I am a total sucker for a good groove and a sweet guitar hook”.

“In five years time, whatever happens, I hope to still have the same passion for writing original material and making music/noise in general. I hope I don’t become cynical and bitter because I couldn’t imagine my life without music or for my love of it to be tainted.  My plan, I suppose, is to put some EP’s together over the next year and promote them by gigging and pushing for airplay.  I hope to take my projects up a level by picking up some more musicians along the way to build up a band where I could be a contributing as the main writer on an album worth of music. I guess the greatest reward of all would be to inspire and influence others with my material”.

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