Featuring Finalist James Holt

James Holt, First Song Writer Competition Finalist

Today we are pleased to announce our first finalist from our song writing competition – James Holt from Bolton.

Who are the inspirations for your music?

I think the Beatles are good. Bob Dylan’s awesome. Thom Yorke and Radiohead are great. And Miles Davis is king. They’re my favourite composers/songwriters.

How long have you been involved in music?

Piano, Guitar, Cello and I sing (a bit).

I play guitar and sing in two rock bands outside of university where we perform at venues around the Bolton/Manchester area. I’m also in a jazz quintet outside of university where I play piano. Within the university I play in range of ensembles: string quartet (cello), contemporary music group (cello), big band (piano), and two rock ensemble bands (guitar and vocals). I am a volunteer at RockIt! Bolton and I am grade 8 on guitar, grade 8 cello, grade 8 music theory and grade 7 classical piano.

What is your favourite type of music?

I listen to the best of everything, whether it’s Jazz, ‘Classical’, Rock, Folk, Blues, Motown, Funk or Electronic music.

When asked about where he’d like to in 5 years he was currently undecided and he stated a number of different things; a session musician, a film/TV composer or even a teacher, were some of his choices.

You can find James and his music here:

STB (rock band): www.stbband.com

Check back throughout the week to catch the other 4 finalists!

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