LOCAL SPOTLIGHT: Blackjack Casino

Forming an original sounding band in this day and age is no easy task, yet local lads Blackjack Casino are receiving lots of positive feedback as a “breath of fresh air” on the North West scene. The four piece blues-tinged rock band are still developing their style although it is clear that the band are a tight unit and have a clear direction to follow when composing their material. Hungry to play to audiences far and wide, Blackjack Casino are building quite a reputation for themselves with every performance.

The band was initially formed by Terry (drummer) and Ian (guitarist), who rehearsed for some months developing material and auditioning musicians. It was clear from the beginning that the mission was to create melodic, catchy yet riff-laden rock music in a scene dominated by noisy metal bands with no distinct difference to set them apart. Ric (voice) soon joined the fold, shortly followed by Paul (bass) to complete the line-up.

Over the last year or so, Blackjack Casino have embarked on a live schedule that has seen them take to the stage in many of the top venues in Manchester city centre, and the surrounding area. Their unique style is paramount to the status that the band has earned in this time, which the band describes as “blues-tinged rock with a hard edge”, utilising soulful vocals and cool, stomping riffs. There’s a lot of groove and feeling, something which the vocalist, Ric, feels is missing from the live rock and metal scene at present.

If you wish to check out Blackjack Casino for yourself, they are performing at the following live events throughout September: 
SAT 8th at The Guzzlin’ Goose, Ashton-under-Lyne.
SAT 22nd at Salford Music Festival, The White Horse, Eccles.
THUR 27th at The Bobbin, Lancaster.
SAT 29th at The Alma Inn, Bolton.

Other acts the band would like to recommend on the North West circuit include Jeremiah Ferrari and No Mans Legion.

Article by Colin Liptrot.

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