Those who have been following Talent Pool will remember MOJOFLUXX from the song writing competition that was held earlier this year. The duo made it to the final stages of the contest with the song “Sly Like That” and since then have been very busy promoting the act and branching out into new avenues. Mojofluxx is made up of two enthusiastic lads from Manchester – Al English, handling production, engineering and recording duties alongside his lyrical input, and G-Illy, who as well as writing his own lyrics looks after promotion and networking.

An exciting development for Mojofluxx is their recent signing to WEEKEND OFFENDERS, a quickly evolving Sheffield-based Management Company who already have a credible roster of artists on board. Al and G-Illy are thrilled to have been offered the signing and are currently working on an exclusive new set to satisfy number of bookings and appearances provided by the team at Weekend Offenders from October onwards. They intend to “destroy the nightclub dance floor” with the new material!

If you’re wondering what to expect from Mojofluxx over the coming months, it is definitely worthwhile checking out the smart new video to the track “Bump In The Night”. The adventurous idea came about after Al and G-Illy had discussed doing a Halloween-themed song and video as it’s always a popular time with clubbers, with huge groups flocking to fancy dress-themed events such as last year’s SUNRISE event at Ikon in Bolton, which attracted over 2,000 people. After the pair decided to do something special for Halloween 2012, Al began writing the basic melodies and beats and they set about getting vocal ideas down between them. The track itself has evolved massively, and features a cool female voice part on the chorus alongside Al and G-Illy’s vocals. When you watch the video, you can see that this was a great idea for the pair to pursue, there are some excellent ideas in the video which depicts creepy after dark scenes with scary characters, face paints and fire breathers.

“Bump In The Night” will be released through Itunes and Beatport, hopefully later this month, but if you can’t wait until then you can download a FREE release of “Mojo Vol 1”, which is 15 tracks and is available from (by entering your email at the top of the page).

Over the summer, Al and G-Illy have taken a break from live performances to work out the finer details with Weekend Offenders and are hitting the scene from October with a string of dates – stay posted for more details. The recent signing should raise the profile of Mojofluxx and open up opportunities to reach a much wider audience. The lads have already involved themselves with established producers, working with (Klub Killaz, ScrewFace, AudioDamage to name a few) and have hopes of building their relationship with such names and have aspirations of perhaps landing a booking over in Ibiza for Summer 2013. Al explained… “Screwface (aka Dene Antony & Chris Gresswell) are getting booked all over as Djs, but their production and studio work is of fantastic quality! We have also recently done a track with Sweet Beat Cartel, who are also definitely worth checking out! The Klubkillas have never done a bad remix of a MojoFluxx track and they have done three in the last 6 months! The Klubkillaz are Jamie Buckley & Chris Ectic. Chris is England’s number 1 disabled DJ and his skill in the studio and behind the decks is inspirational!”

You can stay up-to-date with Mojoflux through their WEBSITE. Things are moving very quickly for the act and with so much going on, Talent Pool asked Al what he thought was the secret to the duo’s journey so far through the scene. “I think the key to making music today is versatility. For years when I was starting out I was only concerned with one type of music: ’Underground Uk Hip Hop’. I made the error of pigeon holing myself and I was desperately trying to make it as an underground UK rapper. Despite people giving me support and telling me I was good at what I did, the scene just wasn’t (and still isn’t by the looks of things) ready to embrace this music and the chances of it ever becoming successful in this genre are very slim. I had to take a step back and analyse what I was doing because making this music just wasn’t getting me where I wanted to go. It wasn’t until I started filming club videos for Sunrise Events that my eyes were opened to the potential of Electro & Jackin House. It wasn’t long before I had fused my hip hop rhyming styles over this new style of music. The reaction was astonishing from day one! My advice? Don’t pigeon hole yourself! Be Versatile! “

Article by Colin Liptrot

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