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LOCAL SPOTLIGHT: New acoustic night in Lancashire

Acoustic musicians in the Lancashire area can look forward to a new place to showcase their material and spend a laid-back evening with like minded companions. Starting this week, The Brown Cow (Chorley Old Road, Horwich) will act as the venue every Thursday.


Well respected host, Danny Liptrott, informed us that he intends to operate optional audio and video recording for musicians, where available, allowing for a unique set up where players can take home a souvenir of their set. The Brown Cow itself is a laid-back old style village pub offering a relaxed atmosphere, and is very close to public transport links across the region. As well as the acoustic night, live bands and acts perform fortnightly on Saturday nights. Danny describes the pub as “a great place with a good bunch of regulars”.

So if you’ve got a couple of new songs to air or fancy playing in a friendly, relaxed environment, be sure to head down to the Brown Cow on a Thursday evening.

DANNY RECOMMENDS local acts Toby Cameron and James Carson. (Also check out his own band Throwing Pandas).

Article by Colin Liptrot.


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