LOCAL SPOTLIGHT: Redd, coming your way!

Feisty, fresh and loads of fun, Redd is stepping out into the light of the music industry ready to blow you all away! Talent Pool caught up with Amylouise, the artist behind Redd, to find out why she’s becoming a global star, not just a local hero

TP: You seem to have been working at being an artist for a long time, how did REDD come about and what were your main inspirations to do it?
REDD: I suppose since joining a performing arts school at an early age, I have always aspired to be on the stage. I have tried Musical Theatre and that just wasn’t quite cutting it for me, and so I decided to take my singing more seriously. As the years went on, it kind of decided itself. I want to be a successful artist.

TP: What was it like attending the X Factor auditions? Do you feel you learned anything positive/negative from it?
REDD: It was awesome! Scary but I loved it. Getting to the final fifty (2010) was a huge deal and its only really when you put figures to it, do you actually really see how big a deal it was. Over 100,000 applicants auditioned in 2010 – that’s not even 0.5%! I definitely learned that this industry is brutal and you need to be ready for it. I would never advise anybody NOT to go for something like the X Factor or The Voice; this industry is all about hard work and experience and making sure you know what to expect when that window comes for you to excel.

Redd has recorded with some pretty high profile acts recently, and gained massive chart success across the globe. Despite this, a lot of UK fans maybe (at the moment) be unaware of Redd’s work, but with a UK debut planned and a following growing by the day, there’s certainly great things ahead…

TP: You’ve had a couple of well received singles out already. Can you tell us a bit more about them and what sort of response you have had from fans internationally?
REDD: “I’m Daydreaming” features Akon & Snoop Dogg and was first released in December 2011 across Germany before booming across the rest of Europe. To say it was my first single, I think the response has been great overseas with it reaching #1 in Finland and #2 in Japan as well as charting in another six or seven countries.

“Bedroom” has Pitbull doing a verse and again has been received well over seas. It literally went to #1 in Japan in less than 72 hours of being released so I can’t complain really.
Overall, I do have a few hard core fans that I talk too on a daily basis over the social sites and it’s really nice to know that these people really do believe in you and want you to be successful.

Here’s a sample of the single “Bedroom”:

TP: What’s next in the pipeline for REDD?
REDD: I’m currently working on a number of projects as part of a UK debut – Bringing it home is very difficult because they are so many great artists to compete with. I am however pushing and I have a new single out at the end of November to test the waters a little,e but then most of the other material I am aiming to release throughout January. So do watch this space :) .

If you want to stay up-to-date and follow Redd more closely, you can check out her Fansite on Facebook – at – or also you can find her on Twitter – @reddmusicuk.

Article by Colin Liptrot.

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