LOCAL SPOTLIGHT: Riverside Battle of the Bands

Everybody enjoys a good Battle of the Bands competition! Throughout late August and September, The Riverside in Selby is playing host to a just such a contest of talent and style. Talent Pool caught up with head of Eclectric Promotions, Gareth Mitchell, to see what’s involved with organising such an event.

Eclectric Promotions have started working very closely with The Riverside following a lull in the Selby music scene. After a few brainstorming sessions, in many ideas have been discussed surrounding new ways to re-ignite the local scene, the Battle of the Bands was suggested. The Riverside had a Battle of the Bands a few years back and it was very popular, so the team are putting all their energy into making this one work.

The line-up is so eclectic that it’s difficult to pick out just one or two bands to watch out for, and the organisers have tried to steer clear of the huge local bands, and thrown the floor open to all the bands looking for that break. All the bands that have so far entered into this are good in their own right – and there is no doubt each one of them will give it their all and have a good chance of winning.

Although currently unconfirmed, rumours surrounding prizes for the competition are pointing towards a bundle of studio recording time, a huge pack of goodies from one of the sponsors, Tuborg, and a set of musical consumables – strings, sticks etc.

Events such as a Battle of the Bands are very hard to organise, with the main difficulties faced being logistics and confirming bands to play. Luckily, all the guys and girls that are helping with promotion for the event have been cool about it and have been pushing it out there too. Finding bands is another tricky one, and bands are still required for the later heats. Some of the issues that contribute to this are other gigs that the bands are booked on. What’s going to make all of this worthwhile is the night itself. Seeing all those people enjoying live music and seeing the bands doing what they love to do is what makes it. The atmosphere, the competition, the energy in the venue is going give everyone there such a rush, and that’s what live music is all about – people coming out to listen to music, have a few drinks, and enjoy themselves.

Hopefully, the Battle of the Bands is going to run as an annual event at The Riverside – and with more planning, and more time, it can really grow and evolve – especially as word gets out there. In the meantime, this is going to be a really good event, and we urge anyone with £4 to spare, to get down to one of the heats – starting tonight (Aug 29th) and then every Wednesday until 26th Sep, or the semi’s and the finals. They won’t be disappointed!

There are still spaces going in later heats in the competition so if you think your band has what it takes, contact ECLECTIC PROMOTIONS for more information.

Article by Colin Liptrot.

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