In a music scene that can be over saturated with cover bands bashing out the same old set list and offering no variety, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. SARIA are trying to do things differently, with an eclectic and upbeat mix of covers and original material played by fresh-faced young musicians.

Saria are making quite a name for themselves at the minute, jumping at every opportunity to play for people across the region. The band are scheduled to begin recording their first E.P. very soon, featuring tracks in a pop/punk/rock/post-

hardcore rock style. They are also booked to play at the “Hulton’s Got Talent” event this weekend on Haslam Park in Deane, where the members are hoping to see some friendly faces, and make plenty of new fans.
Three members of the four-piece line up is made up of friends who have played together in various guises over the years, resulting in a tight rhythm section. With the addition of a lead guitarist to bring everything together, Saria was born and ready to rock!

After playing around the north west covers “circuit”, the band are quite confident that their variety of song choice and styles really sets them apart. A sense of fun really also comes across in the live show and the lads’ work ethic drives to put on a really good show every time Saria play. The original material has been described as “a breath of fresh air,  into what is otherwise a dead scene in the north west”, and of course we’ll be able to hear it in full force when the E.P. is finished.

Talent Pool asked Saria what other up and coming acts on the scene we should check out, and the response was “Prairie Dogs are awesome, everyone should check them out, they are very good friends of ours as we share a drummer! Cale lane are a great hardcore band, Fall of Ruin, Brawl and Car Crash Radio (from Leigh, not the other one!).”

You can check SARIA out this weekend at, RUMWORTH’S GOT TALENT, Haslam Park, Wigan Road, Deane. Stage time is between 14.00 and 15.00.

Article by Colin Liptrot.

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