One of the North West’s hardest working acts, To The Bones, have been hard at it in recent months. Alongside boosting their profile on the UK live circuit and attracting fans far and wide in the process, the noisy bunch have been busy in the studio recording their latest dose of grit.


Colin caught up with guitarist/vocalist Rhys Bradley to see what has been keeping To The Bones busy and out of trouble…

Over the last few months, TTB have been working on a new album, taking a few of the new songs to the road during the middle of the year, all of which were well received by friends and fans. The lads are currently taking a break from the live circuit to allow sole focus on getting the songs ironed out, recorded and released. New material is expected to be available early 2013, leading up to the release of the band’s second album.

Having followed TTB for some years and attended many local live shows, it is apparent that the band has a pretty unique sound and a focussed yet informal attitude towards their music. “I’m not sure if we are set apart from the rest (of bands in the area) really”, states Rhys, “we just get on with it and make sure we work hard at it so that we’re happy with the results. As long as we enjoy it that’s the main thing, if people like our tunes then that’s a massive bonus.” Everybody in the band has their own set of influences that combine to add to the TTB sound. Rhys went on to say “with us, we love to listen to a lot noisy alternative rock bands like Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins, Iggy and the Stooges, Nine Inch Nails, The Eighties Matchbox B-line, steering off to more indie- style bands like Deerhunter, Radiohead, Manics, My Bloody Valentine etc. Saying that, I do think To The Bones has developed our own sound naturally over the years. We get a lot of reviewers spending time writing about what genre we are and that we are band that ‘beat our own path’.”  The band certainly are hard to pigeon hole, which is obviously a result of doing things just how the like to.

The album recording session has given TTB the chance to once again work with producer Dave Eringa, who has previously worked with acts such as Manic Street Preachers, Supergrass and Ash, not to mention producing TTB’s own release “Rex”. Rhys describes Dave as “a really nice dude and extremely talented”. Most of the live tracking was laid down at a studio in Chorley by a friend of the band, Mike Whalley. While Rhys was recording his vocal parts, an old lady who lived nearby called the police to report that she thought somebody was being murdered nearby. When the police did attend the scene, there was much “rejoice” at the comedy of the situation. Dave was brought in after completing the tracking as he expressed an interest to mix the project. The results were even better than the band had hoped for, with a really heavy sound throughout the tracks – of course, the lads are all very proud of it.

As the new album has just been mixed and mastered, you can keep your eyes peeled early next year for the tracks to become available. Whilst the band are focussing on the build-up to album number two, there will be no live dates for the rest of 2012 but TTB will return to the road following the album release.

To conclude, I asked Rhys if there are any other decent North West acts around that could be worth checking out: “There’s a young band called ‘Effluence’ from the North West that are on the up at the minute, they’ve supported us a few times, we’ll probably be supporting them the way they are . Also check out Total Victory from Bolton, Derision from Wigan, Our Fold from Bolton and 2 weeks running from Bolton. All dedicated to their cause and working hard.”

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Article by Colin Liptrot.

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