Finalists Luisa and Enzo Scialpi

Song writer Competition Finalists Luisa & Enzo Scialpi-Sullivan

Today we’re delighted to announce the third finalists for the song writing competition – siblings Luisa & Enzo Scialpi Sullivan
from Monton, Eccles who together make up the band FrAmed.

They started playing at the MAPAS rock and pop sessions every Thursday under the watchful eye of Mark Day from Happy Mondays. The group started in Jan 2011 and have given 10 public performances in schools, clubs and even performed at the Lowry Theatre and Islington Mill.

FrAmed have strong links with Bolton through the Rockit! collective who are committed to bringing a positive image of teens to the public and to give other young people the chance to be creative and develop as young leaders.

FrAmed’s favourite gig was at Queens park organised by Rockit!, an open air festival of music. They also look forward to playing there again this year in June as well as the Salford Music festival in September.

Enzo is currently studying Music at school and plays violin and guitar, while vocalist Luisa is studying for a BTEC in Art. When asked about their main inspirations for their music, the pair mentioned Angus Young, Miku Hatsune as well as family and tutors.

You can find FrAmed on:

Salford Music Festival:

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