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Top 5 Sites For Music and Self-Promotion

There are many sites out there that can help you promote you and your music. So, to help navigate your way thorough the maze of sites out there, Talent Pool has compiled this list.


Soundcloud is a great way to get your music out there as you can upload your music to this one site and spread it around the Internet using other media including Twitter and Facebook. You can also use it to showcase your talent and give away free samples.


This site can be used to quickly get news updates out to fans, spread information across a wide network, run promotional giveaways and more. Twitter is especially useful to connect with fans and get feedback on ideas. Many big names in music are using Twitter as a great mass marketing tool, including @OfficialOzzy, @rihanna, @iamdiddy and of course our very own @tp_studios.


Facebook is in many ways is similar to Twitter as it allows you to post news and updates about your music. Although it is easier to run polls on ideas you may have, you can post longer articles about yourself and upload and share your music with fans thanks to Facebook’s own music apps.


This site allows you to upload your own music, promote yourself and your band, follow other bands, get gig bookings and more. It is a great source for getting yourself out there as it dose not just provide accounts for artists but also fans, venues, labels and management as well. So this site could potentially land you a record deal as well!


Bandcamp can be used to sell your music at either a price you set  which every copy of  your music sold will sell for, or a ‘pay what you want’ price that the buyer chooses to pay. This can help you start making money from the music you’re creating and the fan base you have built up using the other aforementioned sites.

Talent Pool Production Label and Artist Distribution Service

Talent Pool is in the process of setting up its very own production label and artist distribution service whereby artists will be able to sell their tracks via the website. Artists will receive an equal amount of all money made by the music sold through Talent Pool, so if you are interested in this service please contact us via

Written by Ben Cooper

My interest in music production began when I did my BTECH in music technology in 2008. Since then, I have become an audio geek with a interest in synthesizers and all areas of audio technology. I am currently studying a sound engineering and design degree at Bolton University.


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