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Yvonne Neary Records at Talent Pool!

We recently had the talented Yvonne Neary recording various tracks with us down at Talent Pool Studios. Like all artists that record here, we asked Yvonne a few questions to get to know a little bit more about her.

First of all, can we start by asking where you’re from and where you have travelled with your music?

I’m born and bred in Bolton and have played all over the North West and Ireland.

What kind of musical background do you have?

I grew up with music and both my parents sang. My grandfather sang in the music halls and my father would entertain us with singing and playing the piano concertina.

What jobs have you had in regards to the music industry throughout your career?

I’ve sang blues, jazz and country for a long time and written many songs. On one occasion I performed and recorded a protest song I had written at Picadilly Radio. I went to Bolton School of Music to learn the guitar and played with the Bolton Banjo, Mandolin and Guitar Orchestra. At one time I was on agents’ books and if I had a gig then Yvonne and her guitar would be off!

We know you have a passion for country music, is this your favourite genre and if so, why does it stand out from the rest?

I like singing country, it tells a story much like the blues.

Which musicians have influence you the most?

My influences include Ottilie Patterson (who sang with Chris Barber’s Jazz Band), Patsy Cline, Janis Joplin and Hank Williams. One of my all time favourites is Willy Nelson.

Talent shows such as X Factor, Britain Got Talent etc are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Do you think these portray true talent in the way they should and have you ever
thought about applying on one of these shows yourself?

I would never enter something like the X Factor; I learned my craft the hard way singing in theatres, acting in musicals and working hard to win trophies for performing. Even though some good acts have been discovered on these shows there must be a lot of tears! But, I suppose it makes good TV….

Finally, you have achieved so much over the years, but what aspirations or future ambitions do you hold?

I’d like to keep on singing as long as I can and hope people still enjoy listening to me. I’m 78 now and know I’ve got a good few years of performing in me yet!

Thanks Yvonne!

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