Kieran Lee

Services on offer:
Freelance live and studio engineer and event promoter.

Previous experience:
Freelance engineer (trading as Crash Audio). August 2009 – present.
Kieran has over four years experience working live sound at many venues in the Bolton and Bury areas, as well as operating a successful weekly event at The Soundhouse (Bolton), which gained more than 200 people to most occurances. Kieran has an understanding or promotion and using new media to gain interest, along with 10 years in the catering and hospitality industry giving a good understanding of people and great customer service skills. Kieran likes to think outside the box to solve problems. He also has a foundation degree in music production that he gained at the School of Sound recording

In-house sound engineer Soundhouse, Bolton. August 2008 – December 2011.
Responsible for the equipment at the venue. Setting up for all events, FOH and monitor mixing, stage management and setting up and designing the in house lighting system. Assistance to any external techs with any requirements they have for larger bands, be that getting the equipment they require or helping them set up anything they need.

Gigs Bolton/ INSYT music.
Covering all audio aspects of live events for the promoter FOH, Monitors etc.

Booths Music/Talent Pool Studios. April 2012 – July 2012.
Song writing mentor/producer, taking on board a young songwriter to turn a basic demo in to a full professional recording as part of a local competition.

Edwin Street Recording Studio Bury (part of the Met). February 2012 -present.
Assisting the recording engineer to produce professional music recordings helping around the studio with any other general requirements.

Bolton FM, live session recording technician. February 2010 – March 2010, June 2012 – ongoing.
Recording and mixing live music sessions for unsigned show to a professional broadcast standard editing music and jingles to remove blemishes or long silences and working on live outside broadcasts doing general set ups and tech ops / DJing throughout events.

Signed artists I have worked with in the live environment including, at Soundhouse Tom Hingley form Inspiral Carpets, Neil Bucanans Marsaille, Dave McPherson from Inme, Frank Sidebottom, Howard Marks. Lancashire Hotpots I have worked as in house liaison with Glasvegas, Terrorvison, Hayseed Dixie, and Does It Offend You Yeah. As a freelance for Insyt Music with UK Subs Gold blade, Sham 69, Anti-nowhere League.

Contact information:
Telephone – 07792564143
Email -

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