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Johnny Boy

Johnny Boy is a solo singer with a solid reputation on the Northern Soul scene as a soulful and entertaining performer.


Johnny Started performing at the age of 17 and played Bass Guitar and Sang Lead Vocals in Many Bands before going solo. Johnny was influenced By His Punk Rocker Uncle to play at an early age of 6 years and was introduced To The Beatles, The Who, The Kinks, The Jam, and all the other great Bands. At the age of 10 Johnny got more into the Motown Sound and was introduced to The Phenomenal Sound That Is Northern Soul. The Northern Soul Scene had declined by then but was still in the hearts of many.

Johnnys First Ever Northern Soul Performance took place when he was 20 In The Ginow Arms, Deane Road one Thursday Night, Local Northern Soul DJs Digger, Pete Eccles & Jimmy Muirhead was there that night and gave Johnny a shot at the Big Night in Bolton at The Bolton Anglers Soul Club run by Pete Eccles & Digger, Johnny Went Down a storm and from there Johnny was also Booked by his Friend Digger to perform at The Bolton Spartans Scooter Club St Georges Weekender. That gig came and Johnny Went down a storm again and was quickly made a member of Bolton Spartans Scooter Club by Club Leader Ginger Lawton, Johnny who loved his scooters never had a scooter but soon got his scooter after that, You cant be in a scooter club and not own a scooter. Ginger Booked Johnny for a show at The Morcambe Scooter Weekender and made a promise to book Johnny at Gingers Egg Run the biggest scooter run in the country and once again Johnny went down a storm and taking booking after booking from other Scooter Clubs around the country.

From there it just got better and The Northern Soul Scene started picking up big time again and is now bigger than ever. Bookings came in and Johnny was making a good name for himself on the scene and was introduced to Rock And Roll hall of Famer and Northern Soul King PhiladelphiasTommy Hunt, Tommy took Johnny under his wing without thought and taught Johnny the ins and outs of the Business the right and wrongs and took Johnny as his warm up act on many shows and showed Johnny how to be Humble, respectful and much wiser. Gig to Gig Johnny kept on going and Met and worked with some of his Heros in between Martha Reeves, Edwin Starr, Dean Parrish and many more.


Johnny Boy is available to perform at any live music event, festival, party or function.


Available for any event or function from £160.00. Additional expenses may be based on a greater distance (if outside the North West region) and accommodation (where required).  The actalways tries to keep costs to a minimum for the client.

Price includes a Northern Soul and Motown vinyl disco!

To enquire about a booking for Johnny Boy, please contact the Talent Pool office:

01204 522 908 (Mon – Sat, 10AM – 5.30PM).


For those of you who did not witness this lad`s performance then you missed a treat. I`ts rare that a solo singer ever gets the response this lad got. He belts out songs with so much soul that you could be forgiven for not realising that he is young, gifted and white. SCOOTERING MAGAZINE UK, ISSUE 244, OCTOBER 2006.

This incredible white guy from Bolton is only in his mid twenties and has already sung with Martha Reeves, Tommy Hunt and Edwin Starr. Come along and hear his amazing soulful voice. CHEEKY NORTHERN MONKEYS WEEKENDER.

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