Talent Pool Artists

Predominantly, the label is interested in acts and song writers with original ideas and ambition to create interesting music, and is intended to be mutually beneficial to all involved.


An expert team of producers and engineers are involved, working closely alongside Talent Pool artists and providing a wealth of experience, and both musical and technical knowledge. The project is intended to be mutually beneficial to all involved and works on a basis that ensures commitment from the label to the artist and vice-versa.


The Talent Pool premises house a wonderful professionally equipped in-house recording studio that offers a relaxed setting in which tracks can be evolved from whatever stage they are in when entering the building. Along side the leading equipment and plug-ins, the studio operates as a  unique hub of innovation. Producers are dedicated to stimulating creative potential within an artist, taking time to generate only the best possible results in the studio. Session musicians and ensembles are available to provide extra textures on recordings where required.


Recording artists receive support via Talent Pool’s own promotion and marketing team, with tracks being sold and distributed accordingly. A fair production deal ensures that artists see results from any promotions and will receive full recognition for their efforts and talent. During the time spent working with artists, Talent Pool’s goal is to continually build a profile that will lead towards achievement and opportunities.


At present, Talent Pool Productions is working with and seeking out up and coming writers and artists who are ready to work towards a shared goal.  If you feel that you are interested in working with Talent Pool Productions then we would like to hear from you.


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Produced and engineered by Phil Nelson

Composer of the song, Sarah, said this about it: “The song is about becoming a better, stronger person and being yourself – don’t let anybody put you down. I would describe the song style as Pop with a Rock twist!”

JAMES CARSON “Last Shower Of Rain”


Produced and engineered by Danny Govan

Song writer James talked a little about the meaning behind his song: “It was written at the time of the expenses scandal and was an instant reaction to that and to the bankers, who were filling their pockets with huge bonuses, while the rest of us suffered a great deal through the recession, and still are. I’m not really politically driven, but at the time I think the shock of it affected me and I couldn’t help myself. It’s based around a folk/blues riff – like a Dylan ditty with a CCR hard edge to it. I hope the song has some staying power and will remain poignant and fresh for years to come.”

MOJOFLUXX “Sly Like That”


Produced and mixed by Al English, edited by Phil Nelson

Al, who wrote and produced the track had to say this: ” ‘Sly Like That’ is a satisfying blend of Dweller and G-Illy’s addictive, catchy rap vocals combined with toe-tapping Electro House music to give you a track capable of destroying any club dance floor!”


JAMES HOLT “Murder In Toulouse”


Produced and engineered by Daniel Liptrott

James described his song as: “A slow ballad in a alternative folk-rock style inspired by a dream I once had.”

“I play guitar and sing in two rock bands outside of university where we perform at venues around the Bolton/Manchester area.”


ENZO & LUISA “What Do We Do Now”


Produced and engineered by Kieran Lee

Lyricist Luisa described her influences: “The lyrics are about the atmosphere at a concert and the moments you have; dancing, crowd surfing and having a good time. I was very much influenced by my own experiences at a gig. The track has an Indie rock slant but it also has something that can’t be put into a specific style, its a style of its own creation.” Enzo, who wrote the music, told us: “The music is influenced by heavy metal but is written in a style that ties it into the Indie genre. The track brings my favourite fragments from Metal Core and Classic Rock and fuses them together to create a unique vibe.”

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