Talent Pool Composers

The team here at Talent Pool Productions have begun to work with songwriters from across the north west area, with a view to distributing original compositions and songs within the music and creative industries. 


Operating with a “fair deal” ethic in mind, Talent Pool would like to offer our recording facilities and label resources in order to produce and release original music that could be used in many areas that will generate revenue for the composer/s and lyricist/s. There are many opportunities for well-written music to be used in the industry. Lucrative examples include pop songs, or jingles, themes and incidental soundtracks for advertisement and radio/TV use. Compositions that may generate interest may be something as simple as an ambient piano piece, a four-bar catchy hook or perhaps a distinctive pop song.


If you have music, lyrics, complete songs or compositions that you would like to see used in various areas of the industry, then we would like to help you get there.  The project is designed to be mutually beneficial to the song writer/s and Talent Pool Productions, working on a basis that ensures commitment from the label to the artist and vice-versa.


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