Recording Studio

Talent Pool began as a Recording facility operated by Booth’s Music store in Bolton town centre. The recording studio is housed at Booths’ premises and our doors are open to all singers, musicians, bands and producers, whatever style of music you wish to create.


There have been many different acts through the doors since the studio opened in 2011, from solo singers to rap artists to folk bands. Our engineers are skilled, experienced and qualified to record, mix and produce to a high standard.


The studio itself is centered around a Pro Tools control suite, kitted out with industry standard microphones, on board compressors and of course a number of plug-ins .


Most recording sessions have been conducted from our specially treated vocal booth, which also offers a controlled environment to record acoustic instruments.


For larger ensembles and drum kits, we have a 16-channel live room on the first floor that is plumbed straight into the control suite.


There are also eight seperate rooms that are each patched into the control suite to enable multiple instrumentalists to record live. They have also been used as isolation spaces for tracking of multiple guitar amps.


Whether you write and perform your own songs, play in a band or wish to sing to a backing track, Talent Pool is dedicated to maximising your musical talents in a relaxed environment. There are various packages on offer – to enquire about booking studio time, please click HERE.



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